why our clients prefer Evo


At Evo Fitness we focus on results towards your pre-defined goals.  Our clients usually see results in as little as two weeks.  Our expert trainers talk to our clients at every workout and monitor their progress every two weeks.  As a result we can make adjustments and suggest improvements on an ongoing basis to maximize your potential toward your goals.

Save Precious Time

No more 2 hour sessions wasting time in the gym! Evo-style training takes just 20 minutes per session, 3-4 times a week to achieve truly amazing results.  All training sessions are by appointment so you know exactly when you’re going to train and there’s no overcrowding in the gym.  Evo-style training does not involve any treadmills, cross-trainer or steppers – just low-impact, resistance training, so, you don't waste time doing exercises for no benefit.  All we ask is that you stay active in your life.

A Helping Hand for Everybody  

Every session is supervised by one of our expert trainers to make sure exercises are performed correctly and offering expert advice along your entire journey.  We use our proprietary equipment for low-impact and maximum benefit which is fully adjustable so everybody can benefit regardless of age or ability.

Nutritional Advice    

At Evo we offer a simple, easy to follow nutritional approach and philosophy to help obtain the result that you’ve always wanted.