What our clients say about their Evo transformations

Missy's Journey

How did you first hear about Evo Fitness?

I saw a flyer at my daughter's school and overheard a conversation about it.  I decided to go in and check it out. 

What compelled you to join?  

I was ready to do something about my health & weight.  But I always had an excuse.  I didn't have time.  I didn't like big gyms.  I didn't like the idea of dropping my 3 year old off at a gym child care center.   Evo Fitness solved all those problems.  20 minute sessions, one on one training, and my daughter could stay with me if I need to take her with me.  The sessions are 20 minutes and I knew I could keep my daughter entertained for that short time while I worked out.  

What was your initial experience like with Evo Fitness?

My first 3 initial sessions were with Ed.  He went over the entire program in detail & discussed nutrition.  They even provide recipes and meal planning, which is a huge help.  I received a full body analysis and set goals that first visit.  

Something about this program made me feel like it was made specifically for me.  The trainers there are so friendly and encouraging. 

What do you enjoy most about the program offered by Evo Fitness?

Evo Fitness works for me because of the 20 minute sessions.  No more excuses that I don't have time to work out.  And the accountability keeps me on track.  They do a full weigh and body analysis every month.  It feels so good when I see myself reaching my goals.  

But most of all I love the trainers.  They are empathetic to me.  And so encouraging. 

How did the program change your lifestyle?

My entire lifestyle has changed.  I've lost weight. I have a new understanding of how important nutrition is to my health.   I'm more active than I've ever been.  And I find myself wanting to challenge myself to do more...to see what I am capable of.  

Do you believe you've gained  life long, sustainable lifestyle changes to remain fit?

The training I receive at Evo Fitness has changed my life forever.  I tell my friends and family that I'm never going back to my pre Evo days.  

Anything special about the Evo Team that sets them apart?   

The trainers at Evo Fitness really work closely with each client.  I had never lifted weights before Evo Fitness.  It was intimidating to me when I went into a large gym.  But at Evo the trainer is there to teach you technique & they encourage you the entire time.  It felt like a very personal approach from day one. Like they were there just for me.   

Were the operating hours convenient to your schedule?

I love being able to set my own appointments using the Evo Fitness app on my phone.  For me going early in the morning works best.  But for days that I can't make it in early, it's easy to go on my phone and set another appointment time later in the day.  The operating hours are very convenient and accommodating.  

Do your results meet your expectations?

The results I've received from Evo Fitness have exceeded my expectations.  I initially joined to loose some weight.  And now six months later, I've met that goal and I'm setting new goals to become stronger.  

Would you recommend Evo Fitness to your friends and family?

I recommend Evo Fitness to all my friends and family.  They've seen a positive change in me and there's no denying this program works!

Cindy's Journey

I have joined a gym three times in my life. The first time, I was about 20. I bought a 1-year membership and went no more than 6 times in that year. The next time I joined a gym, I was in my 30’s. It was a small, family owned gym. I enjoyed going and went several times a week, but honestly, I got very little out of the experience. I never thought I would join another gym. Then, along came Evo Fitness USA. 

I found out about Evo Fitness through a former colleague when he posted a notice about the grand opening. When I went to the opening, I had no intention of joining – I was just there to support Ed in his new venture. When I walked in, my first thought was ‘this isn’t a real gym, there’s only one piece of equipment’. I couldn’t have been more wrong! 

I went in for a consultation and the intention of using my introductory sessions and then figured I would never go back. 2 months later, I’m still going and still loving it. The consultation was educational. We talked about food and eating habits and I did my first weigh and measure. I had never given any thought to the measurements that were taken. I didn’t think much of the physical measurements, but who thinks about things like metabolic age?? After my first two sessions, not only was every muscle in my body sore, but I realized something else. I was enjoying my sessions! So, I signed up for an additional six sessions. But that was going to beall. Really. Honest. Okay, maybe not. 

On my sixth session, I had my first mini weigh and measure. I was nervous because I didn’t think I would see a difference. I was trying to follow the eating recommendations, but a long commute and a husband that was supportive, but not participating, provided challenges. So the morning of my first mini weigh and measure came and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I had lost not one, not two, but three inches off my midsection! I kid you not, when I went home that night, the first thing I did was try on a vintage dress that I could barely zip up in February. I was stunned that the dress zipped right up! So I tried on another one that I had barely been able to zip up. It zipped up with ease as well! At this point, I was beyond sold on the Evo way. 

As I’ve progressed in the past couple months, I’ve had some fluctuation in my weight and measurements, but they are still pretty close to that first measurement. I’ve discovered a number of other benefits to my new life style. One thing I noticed almost immediately was increased flexibility. This surprised me at first, but I have come to realize that it makes perfect sense. As the muscles are stretched, they move easier. I have more energy. I didn’t even realize this was an issue until someone commented that I seemed more energetic. My moods are better. While this is a well-known benefit of exercise, I didn’t expect to see a difference since I’m always a ‘glass is half full’ kind of gal. 

I am extremely glad I have found Evo Fitness and incorporated their program into my life. I can always ask questions about food and exercise. I find myself looking for better food options, reading labels and more willing to request ‘customized’ food options when eating out. The workouts are focused and intense. I always have someone there making sure I’m using the
proper form and helping me push myself. However, I never feel like I have to give more than I’m willing or able. You get out of this program exactly what you put into it. For me, I’m less stringent on the food choices, but great about working out. This means that I still have a little bit of belly fat, but I’m still thrilled about the progress I’ve made. 

So, if you are looking for a different kind of gym, look no further than Evo Fitness USA! You won’t find the muscle bound sweat hogs here. Just an intimate, friendly environment where we all encourage each other and share in the successes of our new found friends. Thanks Ed! 

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