Goat Cheese & Asparagus Frittata - the Evo way:

Place the asparagus in a pan of simmering salted water
Remove after 3 minutes while still crisp and bright green
Refresh under a cold tap and cut into bite-sized pieces
Heat oil in a frying pan, add the bacon and cook
Lightly beat the eggs, add the asparagus, chives and season with salt & pepper
Pour the egg mixture into the pan
Cook over a gentle heat for 2 minutes and then add the cheese
Preheat the grill to high, place the pan under the grill until the top is golden and set
Cut, serve with your choice of salad & enjoy


1 bundle of asparagus
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1 cup of goat's cheese, crumbled
2-3 strips of bacon
6 large organic eggs
2 tablespoons chopped chives