Evo Nutrition Explained - the Evo way:

The reality of managing nutrition in the modern world can be confusing.  At Evo our approach is to try and offer a realistic and helpful approach to nutrition that is possible to maintain over time that encourages you and your body to be the best that you can be.  The Evo Nutrition Approach is this simple:

  • Remove as much as possible of the following:

  • Eat to fuel your body (and stay satisfied) with the following (organic, local where possible):

  • Limit the following:

Evo Nutrition, For Today - the Evo way:

The modern world makes it all too easy for us to offer superfluous glucose to our bodies - all day every day.  This glucose deluge frankly throws our bodies into a state of flux.  Our bodies are fooled into believing the glucose overload is a great opportunity to create fat.  Unfortunately, our bodies are not built to be able to deal with a glucose overload on a constant basis.   The cycle is vicious; before our bodies have dealt with one overload we overload again causing a new cycle.  Most of this is not apparent but the effects are i) we put fat on our bodies;  ii) our bodies and organs become inflamed;  iii) post fat-building we get sugar crashes and crave even more glucose;  iv) we lack energy;  v) we feel unhappy with ourselves and our self-image.  

So that's that - it's hopeless, we're doomed to a life of suffering, right?  WRONG!  The Evo nutritional approach is a low-carb, or low glycemic-index approach which helps even out our glucose intake.  Luckily for us, our bodies are the best machines on the planet - constantly looking to rejuvenate and be the best they can for us.  All our cells will be completed recreated in 2 years, some cells and organs even sooner.  All we have to do is to provide the appropriate nutrition and our bodies will attempt to be the best they can be for us.  Also, the modern world comes to our rescue, we have the internet, local communities and convenient transport, facilitating; nutritional awareness and knowledge; markets for great food; and many restaurant options that do offer great nutritional variety at multiple price points.

Nutrition Subtleties - the Evo way:

At Evo, we encourage organic, local, fresh, and wild caught where possible.  This is an attempt to reduce the interference from non-natural sources on our food.  When food is processed or sprayed we become unsure of the ongoing effect of consuming such food but countless clients and studies demonstrate the effect of not consuming such food is always clear and positive for the health and well-being of our bodies.

Bio-individuality is a term that means clean, and good nutrition can be different for specific individuals and so can play an important role in determining appropriate nutrition.  Because our bodies were not made the same way, at Evo we encourage our clients to listen to their bodies and to improve their ability to fuel and encourage their bodies appropriately.

At Evo, we understand that clients need some help and so we offer some good nutrition options at our studio.  We also offer our whole range of organic protein shake options at www.evofitness.sevenpoint2.com as well as our organic, cold pressed juice options at juice.evofitnessusa.com and some supplement options for those that can benefit from such an option.

A word to the wise, fat on our bodies and our bodies performing optimally are affected by more than just food.  Items such as stress, relationships, careers, family and friend structures can all impact our overall well-being.  That said, poor nutrition will definitely cause our bodies problems so we always need to do what we can to fuel them appropriately.

At Evo, we're realists.  It can be hard for all of us from time to time - and that's ok - the key is that it needs to be from time to time.  We encourage an open dialogue with the Evo team - we're here to help.  So, ask questions and get yourself on a path to good nutrition, fitness, and well-being.