How Evo Fitness Works

Initial Consultation

At Evo Fitness the first thing we'll do is a full body analysis, providing body fat, muscle mass, metabolic age, and a visceral fat rating.   We'll then measure your body size.  We'll also discuss our Evo Nutrition approach and your current eating habits.  We'll discuss your personal goals and agree to set target goals.  We'll continue to monitor all of this data with a discussion every 2 weeks with a view to achieving your goals.

20-Minute Workout Sessions

At Evo you'll train (resistance, core, and functional) with an Expert Trainer at every single session using our proprietary resistance equipment.  We've created a multitude of exercise routines broken into i) Chest & Back  ii) Arms & Shoulders, and iii) Legs.  Each session focuses on only one area of the body and we suggest 3 sessions a week so that every major muscle group will get trained each and every week.  We start off with lighter weights but increase resistance over time in line with your improving strength.  

Fully Monitored w/Nutritional Advice

At Evo we monitor our clients continually, both their workout performance as well as all the measures taken during the Initial Consultation.  At every session we'll not only train but may ask about energy levels, sleep, nutrition, or other aspects of well-being that can impact your goals.  We'll provide ongoing nutritional & lifestyle advice as an integral part of the program.